As part of our emergency preparation services we can offer you the following:


  • Fire Philosophy Development

  • Pre-Incident Planning

  • Site/Tactic Specific Fire Preplan

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Emergency Response Equipment Program Development

  • Table Top Exercises

  • Response and Interagency Exercises

  • Full Scale Deployment Exercises

  • Basic/Advanced Fire Training Class A/B

  • Wildfire and Structure Protection Pre-Planning

  • Wildfire Suppression and Response Training  

  • Confined Space Rescue Exercises

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Strategy and Tactics for Storage Tank Fires

  • Custom Course Development

  • ICS 100-400 Training

  • Custom Build Response Trailers for Spills, Wildfires, Class A/B Fires

  • Site Security Training

We always aim to create plans and provide training to prepare for emergencies. In any emergency situation, being prepared is key to ensuring that your staff and site remain safe. Planning is crucial to your emergency planning in Edmonton, Alberta and Canada.